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About Deep'n Reef Shells

Deep'n Reef Shells lda. is a brand new company specialized in seashells, particularly shells from East Africa, Cape Verde Is. and Senegal.

Brief story about Manuel and Paulo Granja

Many of you already know us... Manuel and Paulo had already worked together, between 1985/2000. In those 15 years they allways participed in the biggest Shell Show's in Europe: Paris (France), Ottmarshein (France), Lutri (Switzerland), Madrid (Spain), Aarschot now held in Antwerp (Belgium), as well as in the few events carried trough in Portugal, and many other trips around some European countries.

Also, in that period they travelled to some countries of Africa like, Cape Verde, Mozambique, South Africa, from which they have lovely memories and fantastic stories.

Many times, material collected in those shelling trips, was taken directly to the experts, ultimately resulting in the naming and description of many new species.. Manuel and Paulo are also the faces of the biggest event of the last decade: The Shell Show of the 1000 Fultonis.

Even during 2000 and 2005, when Paulo was part of Low Tide, the two kept always a good and close relationship (Paulo is the Godfather of Sergio, Manuel´s second child).


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