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Shipping & Returns


To place an order it is easy. You must be registered in our website (wich is very quick), you must be logged in to place an order. In every item (specimen shell) there is a add to cart button, just add the specimens you want, you can see wich specimens you have in your shopping cart.

To proceed with your order, just click in the shopping cart,  then proceed to checkout, and then you will choose your billing, shipping and payment information.


Shipping, Delivery & Payment

After you place your order, proceed to checkout.

Step 1 - Shipping
              Shipping Method
                   - We have only one shipping method.
                     All our are sent by: CTT EXPRESSO (A service of Portuguese Post Office)

The value depends on the weight and the size of the items purchased and the                                   destination country. We will send you a invoice with the right value to pay.

At the end of this page you have a table with the estimated values.
- You can also put any special Instructions or comments about your order.

Step 2 - Payment Information
- At this step you can use (if applicable) Discount Coupon and Gift Certificates.

Payment Method:

 - Wait for our invoice 
If you choose that we send you a invoice with total value to pay (items value plus postage rates value and Paypal fee value). Then you can pay by Paypal (the total value) or by Bank transfer (only items value plus postage rates value).

- Paypal

If you choose that you pay immediately the items value. After we send you a invoice with the postage rates and Paypal fee values. After you pay the invoice your order is complete.


- You can also put any special instructions or order comments.

Note - If in your order you have 'Gifts Certificates' the only Payment Method you can use                           is Paypal.

Note - For other payment method please contact us.


Returns & Replacements

If you receive a wrong specimen, we will trade for the correct one.
If you receive a damagedshell and if it was (POORLY PACKED) our fault, we will send you a new specimen.


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